COVETOUS is a game submitted to me tumblr user reine-ubu.

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TRIGGER WARNINGS: flashing for those with epilepsy

A simple flash game based on the medical condition fetus is fetu (where a mass of tissue resembling a fetus forms inside another body like the cases where a normal fetus is being developed inside it’s own twin.)

The goal of the game is relatively straightforward; you start out as a little red dot, and progress by consuming the green dots within the body. The more you consume, the larger you become.

The larger you become, the stronger you grow.

Unsettling and poetic, this game makes use of hellish music and bright, surreal visuals.

While it does not make use of jump scares, it can be considered a tad jarring.

You can play it here

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game


Stefan Zsaitsits (b. 1981, Hainburg/Donau, Austria) - 1: House, 2014  2: Monster, 2014  3: Player, 2014  4: Acrobat, 2014  5: Grid, 2011  6: Ape, 2014  7: Air, 2014  8: Furry, 2014     Drawings: Pencils on Paper

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When Ali loses his sister’s shoes, the two decide to share his to avoid getting in trouble.

another enjoyable watch, recommended by the wonderful murmuratio-n

here’s the thing about most of the iranian film i’ve watched, they’re all real. they’ll make you want to jump through the screen and hug these actors/actresses into a state of ok-ness. not to mention the beautiful (natural) colors in most frames. this was a joy to watch and the kids were brilliant.

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